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BYA: Why Proteolytic enzymes may be your best line of defense!

by Dr. Larisa Gruer RND, PhD on 03/13/17

First of all, let us understand that Viral diseases/infections in the body caused by viruses, parasites, fungus or bacteria can affect many of our physiological systems, including, but not limited, to our immune system. For instance, we all know about the common cold, flu, bronchitis, sore throat, pneumonia, herpes, mononucleosis, H. Pylori, meningitis, Lyme, E.Coli, Botulism, HPV and many more. Of course, the severity of viral diseases can differ dramatically, but all are considered contagious at some point, making the need for proactive enzyme supplementation more of a priority. Some Viral diseases when untreated can mute into chronic disease.

How do we get exposed to these insidious infections? In the case of Viruses, they can be contracted by air (coughing and sneezing), transferred body fluids (saliva, blood, and semen), insects bites (mosquitoes and ticks), or in some cases, viruses can be inherited.

Once a virus enters the body and begins to replicate, the outcome can result in a variety of illnesses. In some cases, a viral disease can be life-threatening and may require emergency medical attention, while other cases are resolved by getting a full nights rest, proper meds and fluids. All, however, are responsible for the depletion of our overall wellness and energy. Once a virus enters our cells and it could take weeks for the body to fully recover. You all know of cases, where you have had a lingering viral infection that would not go away even with several doses of antibiotics, right? And unfortunately, we have all heard of something called antibiotic-resistance. (Just think of folks dying of an infection that can no longer be cured with conventional medications.)

Let us try to understand exactly how do enzymes fight viruses and improve our immune system? Bio-science tells as that enzymes are made of numerous proteins of living cells which naturally send a chemical reaction through the body to boast its natural healing processes. In short, they boost your immune system. Enzymes fight viral diseases by attacking only, and I mean
only, the foreign proteins. These proteins are very different form bodys naturally produced proteins and can cause serious symptoms, as well as damage our organs.

If you remember your high school biology, all viruses and bacteria are protected by proteins and lipids that keep the virus alive and multiplying. Well, our smart enzymes can tell the difference between the good and bad proteins, those who belong from those who are the invaders.  By attacking the bad proteins protecting the virus, these amazing substances ultimately eliminate the pathogen once and for all. Additionally, enzymes have also been proven to help eliminate viruses by strengthening your immune system and cleansing our blood.  I hope this short explanation makes sense.


Common Side Effects of Premarin

by Dr. Larisa Gruer RND, PhD on 11/07/16

After years of not prescribing this terrible drug, they're at it again...Look for yourself and ask questions! In the meantime, here's the info straight from the Drug.com and these are some "common" side effects. I'm not even talking about cancer, diabetes, heart attack, strokes and blood clots.

Common Side Effects of Premarin:

- Bleeding or spotting from the vagina
- Changes in mood and sex drive
- Changes in blood sugar
- Weight loss
- Hair loss or growth of hair in unwanted areas
- Nausea and vomiting
- Changes in your skin like rash, acne, and blotches on the skin
- Headache or migraine
- Rise in blood pressure

FDA: Massive Attack on Supplements

by Dr. Larisa Gruer RND, PhD on 08/17/16

The long-awaited revision of FDA guidance rules for new supplements is finally here. It is very bad news.Highest-level Action Alert!

What we are dealing with here is whether the supplement industry is allowed to innovate and create new supplements. The FDA, working as usual on behalf of the drug industry, says no. 
We need your help to stop this right now. It will take a huge effort on all of our parts and we need to start immediately.

Please read the entire article here:

2016 Best of Newport Beach Award! We are so grateful!

by Dr. Larisa Gruer RND, PhD on 07/20/16

Press Release


European Institute for Natural Health Receives 2016 Best of Newport Beach Award

Newport Beach Award Program Honors the Achievement

NEWPORT BEACH July 7, 2016 -- European Institute for Natural Health has been selected for the 2016 Best of Newport Beach Award in the Medical Center category by the Newport Beach Award Program.

Each year, the Newport Beach Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Newport Beach area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2016 Newport Beach Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Newport Beach Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Newport Beach Award Program

The Newport Beach Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Newport Beach area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Newport Beach Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community's contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Newport Beach Award Program

Newport Beach Award Program
Email: PublicRelations@awardconnect.org
URL: http://www.awardconnect.org


Facts About Fats

by Dr. Larisa Gruer RND, PhD on 05/25/16

BYA: I know it is confusing, but here are the facts about FATS:The Different Types of Fats.
1.Saturated fats, from animal fat and tropical oils 
2.Monounsaturated fat, such as olive oil 
3.Polyunsaturated fat, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fats 
4.Trans fats, such as margarine 
Sources of healthy fats include: 
Olives and Olive oil Coconuts and coconut oil Butter made from raw grass-fed organic milk .Raw Nuts, such as, almonds or pecans Organic pastured egg yolks Avocados.Grass fed meats Palm oil Unheated organic nut oils

Chronic Stress and Anxiety

by Dr. Larisa Gruer RND, PhD on 05/04/16

BYA: Dealing with chronic stress and anxiety? Your brain may be prone to producing less GABA.The following medications are known to prevent your body from producing GABA, and they are: Xanax, Ativan, Clonazapam and Valium. What can help? Drinking green tea, eating bananas, walnuts, and oats.

Sleep and Leaky Gut

by Dr. Larisa Gruer RND, PhD on 10/26/15

BYA: Having trouble sleeping due to depression or can't seem to get out of your low mood? Check for "leaky gut". In a study published in the May issue of Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, approximately 35 percent of depressed participants showed signs of leaky gut. This condition is normally treated with a combination of targeted amino acids and minerals.

Spanish Language YELP Review - our first!

by Dr. Larisa Gruer RND, PhD on 07/27/15

testimonial desde España
Dr. Larisa es el Angel de la Guarda que he encontrado en mi camino...

Soy de España y me pusieron unas inyecciones de toxina botulínica para una complicación en mi trompa de Eustaquio. Pues bien resultaron en una intoxicaicon a nivel física  terrible....

Estuve rotando por neurólogo, otorrinos e inmunologos durante meses sin ningún resultado.... Mis dolores cada vez empeoraban mas..

Encontré a la Dra. Larisa e inmediatamente tuvimos una cita por Skype en la que me sentí que por primera vez alguien entendia lo que me estaba pasando.

Ante la imposibilidad de volar a Los Angeles por mi trompa de Eustaquio, ella me hace un seguimiento personalizado por mail.

Ella me trata con muchísima profesionalidad y sobre todo como un ser humano. Hay días de desesperación y ella siempre esta ahí para dar una solución a mi problema con muchísimo cariño y dedicación

Mi camino va a ser duro porque la toxina no es una cosa fácil pero ella ha conseguido con sus indicaciones que me encuentre muchísimo mejor en un tiempo record. Yo no se lo que haría si ella no estuviera en mi vida. Dios la Bendiga Dr. Larisa

Allergies and Flooring Installation Issues

by Dr. Larisa Gruer RND, PhD on 06/17/15

Heads up! One of our clients with severe allergies just pulled the carpet out at her home in favor of very expensive wood flooring. Unfortunately, the company who provided the wood floor installation did not use a solvent free adhesive. Needless to say, our client's physical reaction was not very pretty and she is now tearing the entire floor out. 

Please be careful when taking on these kind of projects and first research the environmental impacts.

The Calories in Your Favorite Cocktail!

by Dr. Larisa Gruer RND, PhD on 06/09/15

I'm often asked "Why can't I lose weight? I watch what I eat. When I go out, I only have a few drinks." I then ask, "what do you drink"? You would be surprised just how many calories are in your favorite cocktail and how they add up. The following is a short list I thought I might share with you:

1.     Long Island Iced Tea - 540 calories (Big Mac at MD)
2.     White Russian - 425 calories (large fries)
3.     Sex on the Beach - 270 calories 
4.     Mud Slide - 556 calories

1.     Vodka with Red Bull - 200 calories
2.     Cosmopolitan - 200 calories
3.     Screwdriver - 190 calories ( do not drink anything with orange juice. So dangerous for your blood sugar)
4.     Caiparinhi - 240 calories
5.     Caipiroska - 250 calories
6.     Black Russian - 250 calories
7.     Screaming Orgasm - 260 calories
8.     Kamikaze - 175 calories
9.     Vodka and Tonic - 200 calories

1.     Bloody Mary - 118 calories
2.     Vodka and Diet Coke - 65 calories
3.     Green Apple Martini - 148 calories
4.     Vodka with sugar-free Red Bull - 80 calories
5.     Vodka and tomato juice - 95 calories
6.     Vodka and soda - 80 calories
Even with lower calories drinks if you multiply by 9 (for example) , this is how many additional calories you need to exercise off. 
One hour on the treadmill is 300 calories. 
Plus, alcohol is actually stored in your liver. The body uses these empty calories much easier for energy (the ATP production) and leaves the other extra calories only for fat storage. Makes sense?

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